The site of the chain of sports clubs SPORTLIFE in St. Petersburg
August, 2021

It is used by WebGL for individual elements of the site and other effects: “filling” a photo of a gym, morphing images in a slider, a displacement effect in a section with a swimming pool. The animation of the age distribution graph is made by hand and uses SVG frames. The pie chart is made parametric and completely programmed (canvas 2d). The water purification scheme was made using Lottie and linked to the page scroll. The entire site has parallax, smooth scrolling, and other animations and effects associated with scrolling. For secondary pages, Preact is used.

Technologies used: Pure js, Preact, Canvas 2d animations, WebGL shader effects, Flickity slider.
Project Team
Design & Idea
Praxis Advance
Sborka Project
1 PM
3 front-end developers

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