INFINITI Virtual Showroom
INFINITI Virtual Showroom
June, 2020

Online showroom INFINITI with a three-dimensional panorama of the car dealership. The site presents exteriors and interiors of cars with the ability to switch. To immerse yourself in the reality of the car dealership, the site is supplemented with interactive video inserts on panoramas and information pins on interiors and exteriors. You can also inspect the exterior of cars by switching the angle of the cars. For acquaintance with the interior for two models, overlays with the description of multimedia systems have been added. The site also contains registration forms for a test drive. Additionally, there is a soundtrack, when you open the menu, the effect of slowing down the music occurs.

The best automobile site according to the Awards “Rating of Runet” in the category of auto and moto.

Technologies used: Pure js, Three.js, Canvas.
Project Team
Design & Idea
Sborka Project
1 PM
3 front-end developers

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